Input + Output

INTEC Synthesis Gas Systems

Suitable Waste and Residues:

The application of the INTEC-TCP® technology allows the utilisation of organic waste and residues with any heat value – amongst others municipal solid waste, bio waste, high calorific and even contaminated input material.

Also problematic organic waste with high sulphur and chlorine proportions can be utilised since the INTEC Synthesis Gas Systems are equipped with a comprehensive gas cleaning system.



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Electrical energy


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Synthesis gas

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Thermal energy

Special Services

The INTEC Synthesis Gas Systems can be integrated in a comprehensive Waste and Energy management.
Upon request, INTEC offers collection, separation of the material streams as well as conditioning and sale of utilisable inorganic material in cooperation with powerful and specialised German partner companies.
The concept also comprises the management of electricity feed-in to public grids, thus enabling the constitution of a complete economic and ecologic circle.

Examples of possible plant sizes and their relevant parameters:

(Data apply for an average heat value of the conditioned waste of approx. 18.5 MJ/kg)

Synthesis Gas System Number of synthesis gas lines Throughput
approx. [t/a]*
Power output
approx. [MW]**
INTEC SG 30 1 27.000 6
INTEC SG 100 4 112.000 28
INTEC SG 200 8 230.000 58
INTEC SG 300 12 340.000 86
INTEC SG 500 20 570.000 145

(approximated data in dependence of the waste composition)

*) *) Possible total amount of the throughput of conditioned and pre-dried waste for all synthesis gas lines in an INTEC SG System
**) Possible total power (feed-in to grid) of all installed generators in an INTEC SG System